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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (1-29-09)

Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

29 January 2009, 4:00pm, Sci 2555


Present: Rebecca Dean, Fang Du, Argie Manolis, Eli Mayfield, Pam Solvie, Timna Wyckoff, James Wojtaszek


I. minutes

The minutes from 2 December 2008 were approved. Timna will send them to James for posting.


II. Review of old business for new members (Dean replaces Meek and Du replaces Mahoney)

A. division chair appointments: Wyckoff had agreed to write a memo to Dean Contant to ask her to communicate in some way that Division Chair appointments are for 10 months. Wyckoff suggested that, instead, we communicate this to Dean Contant at our next meeting with her.

B. discipline coordinators: We need to decide whether to tackle the topic of consistency of terms and expectations of discipline coordinators across campus this semester.

C. faculty lounge: Wyckoff will ask Engin Sungur of the Faculty Center to join us for a meeting in late February to discuss this topic and possibly others.

D. sick leave policy: None of the Division Chairs were aware of a change in policy. Du will ask about it at her next CAPA meeting; otherwise we will table this topic for now.

E. course releases to attend courses in another discipline: We agreed that a course release was probably not an appropriate way to get compensated for taking a course in another discipline, even to promote interdisciplinary teaching. Rather, an EDP might make more sense. This discussion unexpectedly led to a more general topic of wanting clarification of the policy toward low enrolling courses. We decided that this topic was definitely worth pursuing and will meet next week to discuss this further with plans to present make this a major agenda item of our next meeting with Dean Contant.

F. spousal hiring – Last semester, we agreed to send an email to FACPA early in the spring regarding perceptions of spousal hiring. Wyckoff contacted the chair of the United Staff Association (USA), Carol McCannon, to let her know that we are doing this. McCannon agreed to put this topic on her agenda and suggested that the email from FAC also be sent to UMMUSA. Wyckoff agreed to check in with McCannon this spring before we send the email. Dean asked that we clarify “spousal hiring” in the email. Wyckoff will draft a message for discussion next week and at our meeting with Dean Contant.


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 3 February 2009