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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (3-12-09)

Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

12 March 2009, 4:00pm, Sci 2555


Present: Rebecca Dean, Fang Du, Argie Manolis, Pam Solvie, Timna Wyckoff, James Wojtaszek

Absent: Eli Mayfield

Guest: Engin Sungur


I. minutes

The minutes from 26 February 2009 were approved as amended by Dean Contant. Wojtaszek will post them.


II. guest: Engin Sungur

A. We invited Sungur to discuss the issue of a faculty lounge. We mentioned that some faculty have expressed interest in having a lounge and that the top priorities seemed to be privacy and lunch. Sungur brought a handout listing the various goals and activities of the UMM faculty center. He feels that division among various employee groups (faculty/staff, academic Divisions etc) at UMM is a major problem right now. However, he worries that a lounge for faculty only might create more division than it heals. He thinks that such a plan would have to be very thoughtful and implemented very carefully. We agreed to think about this issue with those concerns in mind.

B. Sungur asked that Faculty Affairs Committee look over the questions on the Faculty Opinion of Administrators and the Faculty Quality of Life surveys.

C. Sungur asked that Faculty Affairs Committee investigate diversity among UMM faculty. Specifically, concerned about diversity in committee membership and among faculty who leave UMM.


III. old business

Spousal/partner hiring: James just sent out the responses from our request for input on spousal/partner hiring practices at UMM. This will be the main topic of our next meeting (26 March 2009). The goal will be to compile some themes that arose in these responses in terms of what employees think UMM should and should not do with respect to spousal/partner hiring.


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 20 March 2009