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Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

24 September 2009, 4:00pm, Sci 2555


Present: Rebecca Dean, Pam Solvie, James Wojtaszek, Timna Wyckoff


Wyckoff reported that Executive Committee has called for elections to finish seating members of our committee. Michelle Page has let the various constituencies know that 4pm on Thursdays is when we have decided to meet.


The rest of the meeting was spent putting together agenda items for our meeting with Dean Contant in two weeks. Wyckoff will draft a memo letting Dean Contant know what we would like to discuss at that meeting and asking her for additional agenda items.


I. several topics about faculty compensation and course offerings

A. We plan to ask for information about the new compensation plan for part-time faculty that we discussed at the end of last year. Wojtaszek mentioned that some people are concerned that part-time faculty are getting paid on a pro-rated scale, based on number of students.

B. Summer courses – News that summer courses will be handled differently going forward than they were in the past has come from several sources. We will ask for clarification of the new plan, including how courses will be selected and how compensation will be determined.

C. Online instruction – Again, news that changes to online instruction at UMM is in the works has come from many directions. We will discuss those changes, compensation, as well as the important, general question of “What is the goal for online instruction at UMM?” Wyckoff shared that the term “DFWI courses” had been mentioned at the opening Sci/Math division meeting. We will ask whether we will be expected to offer online options for courses with a high number of D,F,W and I grades.


II. leaves

As mentioned in the previous minutes, questions about leave policies (sabbaticals, single-semester leaves, FMLA) come up every year on this committee. The most pressing issues surround a plan for compensation of colleagues who “pick up the slack” during these leaves.


III. role of Dean and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

We are interested in the official job descriptions for the Dean and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UMM, specifically as they pertain to advocating for faculty and to campus governance.


IV. other topics for discussion this year

We briefly discussed adding faculty development, phased retirement and salary compression to our list of topics to address this year. In addition, Wyckoff agreed to contact Hilda Ladner to discuss the topic of faculty diversity.


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 13 October 2009