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Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

6 October 2009, 8:00am, Sci 2555

Present: Rebecca Dean, Pam Solvie, James Wojtaszek, Timna Wyckoff

Guest: Cheryl Contant


I. compensation for part time faculty

Contant shared with us a draft copy of the new compensation schedule for part time faculty. The new plan went into effect this fall. The main points we discussed are as follows:

• At this time, all new non-tenure track faculty will hold P&A appointments. Contant is working with central administration to try to figure out a way to get an exception to this for faculty on multi-year contracts.

• Faculty on full time appointments are expected to do teaching, research and service and will teach 20 credit hours a year. Faculty on less than full time appointments, but greater than half time appointments, are expected to do advising and some service. They will be paid as a percentage of a base salary that would reflect an expectation of 24 credit hours a year. Finally, faculty teaching less than half time are not expected to have any non-teaching responsibilities and are paid on a course by course basis, but with a percentage appointment calculated against a full time expectation of 28 credit hours a year.

• Full time faculty members teaching an overload will also be compensated in this final way. Wyckoff asked if this would be true for faculty who fill in for colleagues on leave. Contant replied that it would if there were funds available.

• Except for courses in which enrollment is expected to be quite low (in which case, special compensation arrangements are made ahead of time), courses taught by faculty on less than half time appointments will have to enroll at least 10 students by two weeks before the start date or they will be canceled. Courses taught by faculty with half time or greater appointments are not subject to this policy.


II. 10 year academic staffing plan

Contant shared with us that Robert Jones has asked UMM to put together a 10 year academic staffing plan by the end of this semester. The parameters that will need to be considered include enrollment, new programs, discontinuation of programs, retirements and turnover, the “mix” of tenured/tenure track and non-tenure track faculty, and faculty salaries. Contant shared that the AAUP suggests that the tenure/non-tenure track ratio be no less than 85/15 overall on campuses such as ours. Contant will chair a committee including the Division Chairs and representatives from enrollment, Consultative Committee, and Faculty Affairs, who will put together various scenarios to be combined with 5 year fiscal, facilities, and enrollments plans being produced by other committees on this campus.


III. summer courses

We asked about news that summer courses will be handled differently going forward than they were in the past. Contant confirmed that the administration is reexamining summer compensation and course selection and that the new plan would be shared with the campus quite soon. Briefly, UMM will offer at least one course in each GenEd category each summer and the Division Chairs will be intimately involved in the selection of summer course offerings with a goal of optimizing enrollments.


IV. other

We briefly discussed a new timetable for search requests that might involve paperwork being due in the spring semester. We suggested that a statement of the expected timeline for decisions be added to the request form.


V. for next time

Contant will visit our committee again in November. We agreed to put faculty diversity on the agenda for that meeting. We will also discuss the goals for online instruction at UMM at that meeting.


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 21 October 2009