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Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

15 October 2009, 4:00pm, Sci 2555


Present: Rebecca Dean, Pam Solvie, James Wojtaszek, Timna Wyckoff


I. minutes

The minutes from our 10 Sept and 25 Sept meetings were approved.


II. faculty diversity

Wyckoff reported that she asked Hilda Ladner about this topic. Ladner replied that her office is mostly focused on students, but that the Multi-ethnic Experience Committee is also discussing faculty diversity. Ladner also agreed that specific complaints are probably best dealt with by Consultative Committee.

We moved on to talking about what output our discussion might ultimately lead to. We decided that a memo to the Dean, Division Chairs, and HR with ideas of how to consistently and specifically increase our recruitment of candidates of color would be a start. Wojtaszek mentioned that some disciplines may have some specific ideas already about how to do this that could be shared broadly (e.g. database of Ph.D.s in Languages granted to people of underrepresented groups…do other such databases exist for other disciplines?). We all agreed to ask our colleagues who have chaired searches in the past few years for ideas. Wyckoff will ask Sarah Mattson if there are general ideas from HR listservs or the like.

We must also work on retention of current faculty. The idea that faculty of color have high service expectations and that this negatively impacts retention has come up repeatedly at faculty retreats. Engin Sungur has expressed his own concerns about faculty diversity. Wyckoff will invite Sungur to visit with us and share ideas about how to improve the climate for international faculty at UMM.


III. upcoming FCC visit

Wyckoff will be attending a meeting with representatives of the all-U Faculty Consultative Committee this Friday. Committee members asked that she bring up the following issues: faculty salaries, salary compression, replacements for colleagues on leaves, goals for online instruction.


IV. other

Wyckoff asked who would be willing to serve on the task force putting together the 10 year academic staffing plan mentioned by the Dean at our last meeting. Wojtaszek agreed to serve and Solvie agree to be his “backup”.

Solvie reminded us that Executive Committee sent us several topics for our consideration. These include workload, committee assignments, evaluation of service, and holding senior faculty accountable. One specific topic that we can address immediately is the expectation for office hours. We will each ask our Division staff for an average or range of office hours held by faculty in our Divisions. Solvie will look for an official all-U policy on this topic. Wyckoff asked that all committee members spend some time before the next meeting thinking about specific outputs for these various topics. What will this committee produce as a result of discussion of these issues?


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 21 October 2009