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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (11-05-09)

Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

5 November 2009, 4:00pm, Sci 2555


Present: Katie Barron, Rebecca Dean, Pam Solvie, James Wojtaszek, Timna Wyckoff


Wyckoff only very recently sent the last minutes, so we'll wait to approve them until our next meeting. Wyckoff will inquire again about our missing representatives.


I. academic staffing plan

Several of us have heard that the Division Chairs are meeting with disciplines about the academic staffing plan. Wyckoff has informed Dean Contant that Wojtaszek agreed to be the Faculty Affairs representative to that task force.


II. faculty diversity

Solvie reported that Education advertises in the Chronicle of Higher Education (3 times) and Native American Press (2 times).  They also send letters to individuals from the Minority & Women Doctoral Directory and the CIC Directory, and distribute announcement vacancy notices at MACTE, NAME, AACTE, and AERA. Wyckoff reported that Science and Math has done targeted advertising in the past, but more recently (mostly due to budgets) has been advertising in the Chronicle, with some direct mail to various departments, including some at historically minority serving institutions. Dean observed that advertising seems less centralized in Social Science, with individual search committees being more directly involved in figuring out exactly where to advertise to optimize the pool.


Dean brought to our attention the U of MN Bridge Funding Programs. Most of us were aware of the program for spousal/partner hires from our discussions last year, but some of us were unaware that a similar program exists for faculty of color hires. We plan to discuss how this might be utilized at UMM (incorporated into the academic staffing plan?) at our next meeting with Dean Contant. Several members expressed concern about the process and logistics of identifying candidates for such a hire.


Wyckoff reported that Engin Sungur will meet with us near the end of November/beginning of December to discuss his concerns regarding retention of faculty of color. Dean reminded us that as we think about retention, some issues overlap with our discussions of faculty workload. Specifically, people have expressed concern that faculty of color are often asked to do more service than average before tenure. Wojtaszek pointed out that there are many reasons that people have unequal service contributions before tenure and that many of those reasons probably merit some attention in our discussions.


III. faculty rights and responsibilities

Wyckoff started the discussion by reporting that she spoke with Mike Korth about the range of service activities among faculty and that he responded that it's all relative and hard to quantify. Wojtaszek pointed out that the magnitude of our merit raises didn't make extreme service obligations “worth it” monetarily and that we were depending on people just being good citizens. Solvie asked who gets to decide what service obligations faculty members have. Executive Committee doesn't always assign people to committees that they want to serve on. Wyckoff commented that sometimes Executive Committee doesn't assign a person to any assembly committee – which can make it hard to contribute. We discussed the various ways that committee service “counts” on this campus. Dean brought a document of faculty responsibilities from the UMM handbook, which does little to spell out service expectations. We will continue to gather information from our colleagues (and maybe our Division staff people) about the range and types of service that UMM faculty are involved in.


IV. agenda for meeting with Dean Contant (12 Nov)

We will briefly talk about office hours, discuss faculty diversity, and hopefully address questions about online instruction. Wyckoff will send an agenda prior to the meeting.


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 11 November 2009