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Faculty Affairs Committee Minutes (11-12-09)

Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

12 November 2009, 4:00pm, Sci 2555


Present: Katie Barron, Rebecca Dean, Pam Solvie, James Wojtaszek, Timna Wyckoff


Dean Contant was supposed to meet with us today but she couldn't make it. We discussed some ongoing topics instead. Wyckoff will reschedule our meeting with Contant.


I. minutes

The minutes from our 29 October meeting were approved. Solvie asked for an amendment to the 5 November minutes. Wyckoff will send out the amended minutes.


II. FAC membership

Wyckoff reported that Mary Elizabeth Bezanson is the new representative from Humanities and Roger Wareham is our new P&A representative. Neither could make it to today's meeting, but Wyckoff will be sure they know the schedule for the rest of the semester.


III. academic staffing plan

Wojtaszek has not been contacted about the academic staffing plan task force.


IV. faculty rights and responsibilities/workload

Wojtaszek brought some preliminary numbers to start our conversation.   He worked with Carrie Grussing to determine that in the current constitution, there are 58 campus assembly committee seats for faculty or faculty/P&A.   This year, there are 105 faculty and 63 full-time P&A staff eligible for these spots. Therefore, certainly not everyone in that group can or should be on a campus assembly committee each year. We discussed some other service activities that might “excuse” a person from serving on an assembly committee. Wojtaszek suggested that discipline coordinators might be exempt. Other ideas were search committee chairs and the all-University senators. Someone asked what the numbers are for the proposed constitution. Wojtaszek will look into this and report back. Wyckoff suggested we continue this conversation at subsequent meetings with the goal of preparing a document with recommendations for either the Executive Committee or the new Membership Committee (under the new constitution).


We moved on to discussing our goal of determining an “average” or “mode” of University service among faculty and P&A employees. We agreed to bring information from our Divisions for the past four years to a meeting later in the semester. Wyckoff will let Wareham know so that he might collect this information for P&A staff. Solvie brought up the topic of disparities in advising loads and Wyckoff agreed to ask the Advising Office to prepare some information about the range of advising loads across campus.


Wyckoff expressed concern that we don't yet have a non-tenure track faculty representative and that, according to the new pay scale, the person chosen may or may not have a service expectation as part of their job description. We agreed to pay attention to this and be sure that the person chosen is genuinely willing to serve.


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 20 November 2009