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Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

3 December 2009, 4:00pm, Sci 2555


Present: Katie Barron, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Rebecca Dean, Athena Kildegaard, Pam Solvie, Roger Wareham, James Wojtaszek, Timna Wyckoff


We met (as a full committee!) to wrap-up the semester and make plans for next semester.


I. logistics

A. Engin Sungur was supposed to join us but needed to cancel. Wyckoff will arrange to have him join us early next semester to talk about the campus climate for faculty of color.

B. Please send spring schedules to Wyckoff so she can find a meeting time.

C. Wyckoff will send minutes for 24 November and this meeting out by email over break.


II. old business

A. faculty rights and responsibilities: We are working toward a memo to the new Membership Committee with recommendations for making service at UMM more equitable. Wojtaszek will bring us information from the new constitution. Wyckoff will bring information about advising loads. We will all bring information about average service loads from our constituencies. Bezanson will look for some AAUP data.

B. faculty diversity: Sungur will join us early in the spring. Bezanson and Solvie suggested that we revisit the exit interview issue should we change the process to gather more information about the campus climate?


III. new business

A. replacements for leaves: This subject has come up many times in this committee. Most recently, concerns have been raised about the effect of phased retirement and sabbatical leaves on small disciplines. Next semester, we will decide how we might move forward on this issue perhaps a memo to CRPC asking that replacements for leaves be a budget priority?

B. P&A issues: Wareham joined us today for the first time. We asked that he think of issues specific to P&A staff that we may have been overlooking this semester without their representation.

C. Bezanson asked that we look into the Distinguished Research Award does it still exist?


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 5 January 2010