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Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

22 February 2010, 9:00am, Sci 2555


Present: Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Rebecca Dean, Athena Kildegaard, Pam Solvie, Roger Wareham, James Wojtaszek

Absent: Timna Wyckoff


Committee members addressed some remaining issues from previous meeting with Dean Contant, particularly in the area of online instruction. There was an attempt first to clarify terms for those involved in the preparation and delivery of an online course: subject matter expert (faculty with expertise in a particular area)/ instructional technologist (works with subject matter expert to put course in online format, though he or she may have no expertise or familiarity with the subject matter)/ instructor(delivers the course, but may or may not be the subject matter expert)


Other questions and concerns raised included the following:

Who controls content?

What is the role of instructional technologist?

Is “Quality Matters” a suitable organization to oversee this process? Does it align well with the mission of a liberal arts college like UMM?

Is there a diminishing of the role of teaching in the separation of subject matter from teaching?

Can there multiple models for how this works?

A larger campus conversation needed on this topic

There is concern that the division chair of science and math did not communicate the issue regarding online courses after several meetings with the Dean

There are concerns over intellectual property: who owns the rights to the online courses?


The final segment of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of Rusty Barceló and Rickey Hall's visit to UMM to discuss issues of faculty diversity.

Roger Wareham and Mary Elizabeth Bezanson attended the meeting as members of FAC.

Margaret Kuchenreuther was the only representative from the Faculty Development Committee


At the meeting, Hilda Ladner stated that the FAC feels that she should be in charge of issues of diversity pertaining to faculty and staff.

Wareham disagreed with this assertion and clarified that the FAC had simply raised the question with her, since committee members don't know who is ultimately responsible for this issue, which has been brought to the committee repeatedly since last year

Dean Contant suggested that FAC should take on diversity as its primary goal. She believes this message will be received better from a faculty group than from her.

Bezanson agreed it shouldn't come from dean, but was not confident that FAC would or should accept this charge.

A cluster hire was proposed for next year, but the viability of this was questioned, with only two hires approved.

Faculty development committee will not deal with this issue—it is working primarily on the Distinguished Research Award and the faculty retreat


Hall and Barcelo suggest we should no longer believe that faculty (of color) will come for their careers—we should be content to be a “stepping stone” to better places.


In this scenario, Wareham questioned: can we be assured that vacated positions be refilled?

Bezanson also pointed out the inordinate expense of conducting searches.

There was further discussion of issues of comparative size and nature of UMM vs TC campus, and of strategies that might be successful at one institution but not the other.


There was also feeling that Contant overestimated the power of the FAC in this regard

Wareham pointed out that FAC is not an assembly committee.


Barcelo stated that the number of white high school graduates is declining while the number of minority students is increasing—where do these students see themselves reflected? This is an enrollment issue; this increasing population needs to see faculty of color if they will come here.UMM needs to be better about thinking of how to support faculty of color.


Rebecca Dean questioned whether retention was addressed, or only recruitment.



Submitted by James Wojtaszek