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Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

22 March 2010, 9:00am, Sci 2555


Present: Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Rebecca Dean, Athena Kildegaard, Pam Solvie, James Wojtaszek, Timna Wyckoff

Absent: Katie Barron, Roger Wareham


I. some logistics

A. We determined that the Sci/Math and Education divisions need to hold elections to replace Wyckoff and Solvie, whose terms are expiring at the end of this academic year.

B. minutes: Bezanson circulated revised partial minutes from 22 Feb. Wojtasek will circulate the other part of those revised minutes prior to the next meeting, along with minutes from the 8 Mar meeting. The 15 Feb minutes were approved.


II. discussion about improving communication

We discussed the possibility of creating a listserv for distribution of committee minutes. Some time in the past, minutes from some committees were sent via FACPA. We think that committee minutes perhaps deserve their own means of distribution, separate from other campus communication. We discussed whether the list might be opt-in or opt-out and decided that opt-out makes sense. Wyckoff will contact Executive Committee to see if they have discussed this recently. We will plan to send a memo to Executive Committee suggesting such a listserve be created. Finally, we decided to spend part of our next meeting with Dean Contant brainstorming other means by which faculty and staff could communicate better on this campus (e.g. a discussion board?).


III. salary issues

Several concerns were raised regarding faculty salaries:

The 1.15% cut that our Senators are being asked to vote on seems contradictory to the 2% raises that we are expecting. Wojtaszek pointed out that the raises are permanent increases to base salary, while the vote is on a one-time cut. Some members remain very concerned about the pressure put on our Senators to vote in the affirmative.

We expect that the 2% raises will be distributed, as usual, within divisions, such that some faculty receive more and some less than 2%. Salary compression remains a concern on this campus. SCFA has discussed the possibility of requiring some across-the-board raises in addition to the merit raises currently applied.

Previous UMM chancellor, Sam Schuman, established a fund several years ago for faculty salary augmentation over the central salary pool. Very few people seem to remember that this was the case, and those funds have not been distributed since the first year of the fund. Some people find that distribution should wait until the fund has matured so that significant amounts of money could be given, while others feel that a small amount would be symbolically important during this budget crisis.


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 15 April 2010