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Meeting of the Faculty Affairs Committee

19 April 2010, 9:00am, Sci 2555


Present: Katie Barron, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Athena Kildegaard, Pam Solvie, Roger Wareham, James Wojtaszek, Timna Wyckoff

Absent: Rebecca Dean


I. some logistics

A. We approved the 22 February, 8 March, 22 March, and 5 April minutes. Wojtaszek will send the 22 February minutes to Dean Contant before posting them.

B. Last week, Wyckoff sent the committee a draft memo to Executive Committee regarding creation of a listserv for distribution of committee minutes. We discussed some minor revisions. Wyckoff will send the revised memo to Executive Committee this week.

C. In the next few days, Wojtaszek will send the committee a draft memo to Executive Committee regarding consideration of various service activities when making committee assignments. We will plan to suggest revisions via email so that the memo can be sent to Executive Committee soon.


II. meeting with Dean Contant, 3 May 2010

We will plan to spend most of the meeting with Dean Contant brainstorming ways to improve communication between faculty and administration and within the governance structure. Committee members should try to think of specific examples of good communication (e.g. the first email memo about tenure-track search decisions) and communication break-downs (e.g. the new compensation policy for temporary faculty came as a surprise to some….where did that communication get lost?). We should focus on what this committee and the Dean's Office can do to move the campus beyond this current frustration.


Wyckoff will send an email letting Dean Contant know of this major agenda item. Wyckoff will also ask about the current status of the Academic Staffing Plan, and whether we might discuss that briefly at the end of the 3 May meeting.


III. new business

We discussed the new administrative policy, “Modifying Appointments of Academic Professional and Academic Administrative Employees for Financial Stringency”, which is currently under 30-day review, and which recently came to the attention of many members of the campus community. Committee members expressed alarm at the broadness and lack of accountability in the proposed policy. Wareham may in the future bring a statement from MASA for our possible endorsement as a committee.


Minutes submitted by Timna Wyckoff, 29 April 2010