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FAC minutes

Aug 31, 2010

Present: Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, James Wojtaszek, Judy Kuechle, Athena Kildegaard, Roger Wareham, Barry McQuarrie and Rebecca Dean

I. Introduction of new members, review of previous year's activities/agenda.

II. Procedures discussed for electing new chair. Election to take place at the second meeting of the year. Members interested in serving as chair will advise the committee members by email prior to the second meeting.

III. Concerns and questions raised in general discussion:

What is/should be the role of the dean in the committee's work?

What is the best  approach to the issue of salary investigation, and how does it relate to the agenda of the dean and chancellor this year regarding presenting a case for improving salaries on our campus?


IV. Discussion of possible agenda items for the 2010-11 year:

Research into salary issues, assistance with Chancellor's report in February

Committee's role in assisting in the voting process for the new constitution

Administrative review process for chancellor-will this take place, and how? Several committee members felt this should be a priority this year.

Respectfully Submitted by James Wojtaszek