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Faculty Affairs Committee

September 7, 2010


Present: Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, James Wojtaszek, Judy Kuechle, Athena Kildegaard, Roger Wareham, and Rebecca Dean


As our first order of business, the committee agreed that Mary Elizabeth Bezanson will serve as our chair for the 2010-2011 academic year.  Outgoing chair Timna Wycoff was thanked, in absentia , for her service last year.


The committee does not yet have a student member, and it is not clear when one will be appointed.  Despite the incomplete roster, the committee set a meeting time for the remainder of the semester, from 4-5pm on Tuesdays.


Wojtaszek and Wareham established the FACs legitimacy – despite our extra-constitutional status – by presenting a history of the Campus Assembly votes that created and sustained the committee.


Bezanson asked that committee members consider the criteria we will use to determine which issues the committee will address. The following criteria were mentioned:

         Practicality: Issues should be “doable”, given the time and power constraints of the committee. 

Any tasks undertaken should have identifiable and concrete results.

         Importance: Issues should be very significant to faculty/staff

         Relevance: Issues should affect a large number of people

         Timely: Certain topics, such as the academic staffing plan, may need to be addressed sooner, rather

than later if our voice is going to be heard in time to affect the outcome of campus-wide discussions.


The committee then discussed a variety of agenda items that we may consider over the course of the year. The following topics were discussed:

            Faculty salaries

Status of the constitution – how can we help bring out the vote?

Academic staffing plan – what is its current status?

Internal promotion within the university administration – is there a “pluck and anoint” culture at

UMM? How can we create a more open process for faculty/staff to contribute to the leadership of this institution?

Faculty center – what is its status?

Faculty diversity – what can we do to increase faculty diversity and to retain faculty of color?

Guidelines for hire and pay of temporary faculty – what is the status of the policy Dean Contant

brought to our committee last year? Are all temporary faculty paid using the same system? When do faculty get paid for summer work, and how can this be done in a more timely manner?

Slowness of administrative decision making – new hire decisions were made in a very timely

manner. Can this situation continue to improve?

            Summer work load – what compensation should faculty expect for work over the summer?

            Review of administration – what is the procedure for faculty review of the administration?

            Sabbatical and maternity leaves – is it possible to create a just and equitable policy that allows

disciplines to replace faculty who are on sabbatical or leave?

            Role of division chairs and discipline coordinators – what jobs fall under their purview? For

discipline coordinators, what are campus-wide practices to compensate coordinators for their time and effort?

            Program reviews – what is the status?

Wojtaszek offered to put together a list of dates for our meetings and to book the Humanities conference room for those times.  The committee agreed to invite Dean Contant to meet with us later this semester.


            Respectfully submitted by Rebecca Dean