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Faculty Affairs Committee

October 5, 2010


Present: Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, James Wojtaszek, Judy Kuechle, Athena Kildegaard, Roger Wareham, Barry McQuarrie, and Rebecca Dean


·          Minutes from September 21 were approved.  James will assure that minutes are posted to list serve.


·          Rebecca, Roger and Mary Elizabeth met to discuss how to focus on faculty salary data and to determine what sources of data we would use for comparison groups.


·          We have data for tenured and tenure-line faculty but not for other P&A faculty.   Salary schedule for contract faculty can be used for non-tenure track faculty.


·          We discussed where in the rankings we feel UMM should be to recruit and retain faculty.  At the moment we are at or near the bottom in rank.  Should we be in the middle or top?


·          Roger explained information from ACADEME and AAUP data.  We are considering our ranking at both the salary and total compensation level.


·          Rebecca reviewed CUPA data however we will request that Sarah Mattson provide further information from CUPA for consideration. 


·          Short discussion on whether or not faculty searches in tenure line positions are bringing sufficient number of candidates to campus for disciplines to have successful searches.   If we only bring two candidates to campus and neither conclude in a hire, then a second round of candidates are brought to campus.  Often this delays the process and we do not result in a successful search.  Search protocols should be further examined for consistency and productivity.