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Faculty Affairs Committee

Nov. 2, 2010

Present: McQuarrie, Dean, Bezanson, Wojtaszek


Wojtaszek presented a draft of proposal regarding plan to regularize and compensate discipline coordinators across campus. The majority of members present felt that this was not the appropriate time to carry such a proposal forward, feeling that the broader issue of addressing salary across campus should take preference. There were also concerns raised because:

·       there does not seem to be wide support for such a proposal based on informal discussions between committee members and their division colleagues

·       models of coordinatorship vary widely across campus (though this is precisely one of the areas the proposal sought to address)


Discussion turned to the question of teaching loads and, more specifically, the number of credits taught by faculty, in the context of our ongoing discussion of the faculty salary report.


Bezanson attempted to get data on the average teaching load among the COPLAC and Morris 14 institutions.  It appears that collecting such data will prove challenging and time-consuming for the Office of Institutional Data and would require the dean's approval.


Bezanson also suggested we look at a comparison of teaching loads within the U of MN system.

The question was raised regarding the meaning of “professionals” as applied to faculty members at Crookston Campus. [This was offered as a partial explanation as to why Crookston faculty earn higher salaries than Morris faculty.] Dean explained this means faculty members there are non-academic in large part, and therefore their higher salaries are necessary to keep them in academia rather than the professions they represent.

Committee members agreed that it would be worth looking at Crookston salaries by discipline, since in addition to professional programs, there is presumably a general education/liberal arts component to their curriculum as well.


Dean and Wareham  continue to work on the draft of the salary report, with a tentative deadline of Nov. 30 for a draft to forward to the Chancellor, to then be forwarded to the appropriate committees and venues.


Bezanson will continue attempts to get information about the chancellor review process and its progress, as well as information on the PULSE survey results from last year. We are specifically concerned with the portions of the data that apply to the Morris campus, and which to this point have been made available only to the Chancellor.


Respectfully submitted by James Wojtaszek