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Faculty Affairs Committee

November 16, 2010


Present: Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, James Wojtaszek, Judy Kuechle, Athena Kildegaard, Barry McQuarrie, and Rebecca Dean


·        Minutes from Oct 28 and Nov 2 were approved, with the phrase “Campus Compact” replaced by the new phrase “Budget Request Meeting” in the Oct 28 minutes.

·        Update on the Chancellor 360 Degree Review Process

o    Review process is set up by an outside paid consultant, with the hopes of providing comparability for reviews at the Chancellor level and above.

o    The review will contain online feedback from six colleagues: 1 Chancellor (Duluth); 1 Director from UMM; at least 3 UMM faculty. Consultative Committee provided a list of faculty names from which the Chancellor will choose. The Chancellor wants as many faculty as possible involved in the review.

o    The review does not allow for mass faculty input. There was a short discussion of having one of the faculty reviewers collect feedback from a wide variety of people, condense the feedback and use that as the basis for their comments. It would be difficult to involve more members of the campus in this way (a public forum might not lead to frank feedback; how else could we generate feedback other than using some sort of survey; who would create such a survey; would it be any more beneficial than getting an individual's opinions).

o    In previous years, Directors were reviewed every five years in a manner that allowed for a great deal of campus feedback to be collected (a committee would design a survey, collect info, write a report that went to the Director's supervisor who would then report back to the campus). This was a lot of work, and benefits were negligible.

o    UMM could develop our own review process that would involve more input from campus members (more like what used to be done), but the benefits of doing that are unclear. It is probably best to simply see how the current review process works.

·        Faculty Salaries

o    Rebecca has a rough draft of the report which compares outcomes and student satisfaction as well as salaries. It seems comparison with the All-University system makes the best case for raising UMM faculty salaries.

o    Rebecca will send out draft via email by Nov 22, and the committee will discuss the document at the Nov 30 meeting.

·        Upcoming Items

o    Former Chancellor Sam Schuman started The Founders Fund which he used for augmenting faculty salaries, but the fund can be spent at the Chancellor's discretion. There was a modest payment to faculty in 2006. We should follow up with Chancellor Johnson to find out what the current state of this fund is. The Chair will begin this by inquiring with Madeline Maxeiner about the current state of this fund.

o    Go back to minutes from Sept 21 to determine agenda items for spring.

o    Spring meeting time will be set up soon.

No student representative for us yet.