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Faculty Affairs Committee

Minutes of November 30, 2010


Present: Wojtaszek, Dean, McQuarry, Bezanson, Kildegaard


1. Approved of 11/16/10 minutes

2. Canceled the 12/7/10 meeting

3. Wojtaszek will suss out meeting schedule for Spring 2011; please send him your schedules.

4. Discussed the Faculty Salaries document and how to revise it. Composed pertinent haiku (see below). Special attention was given to the order of argument and how to communicate the pitiable nature of salaries without sounding piteous and whining. Bezanson will reshape the document following the Monroe Thrust and will forward the revision to the committee for perusal.

5. Next meeting 12/9/10


Our salaries suck

We do a really good job

So pay us more Now!