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Faculty Affairs Committee Meeting

24 January 2011

Present: Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Katie Barron, Barry McQuarrie, James Wojtaszek, Roger Wareham, Judy Kuechle, Athena Kildegaard

Minutes from two previous meetings were approved

Committee decided meetings will continue every other week for the Spring 2011 semester, unless emergency meetings are required in addition.
Wojtaszek will verify schedule, look for any conflicting date, and reserve conference room

Committee questioned what to do with the Faculty Salary report generated in Fall 2010 given that President Bruininks has announced no raises for this year. Does this render the report pointless given the economic circumstances?
Committee decided that the report had more than one purpose, only one of which was to satisfy a request from the Chancellor to provide data on faculty salaries to use in a request to administration to address the problem of low faculty salaries at UMM. Committee members agreed that, especially since the work has been done, the information should be shared with the chancellor and with the campus community for their information. Therefore, a final revision of the document will be completed by Wojtaszek and Kildegaard prior to the next meeting. The report will be forwarded to the Chancellor before her budget forum and also made available to the campus community via the FAC minutes.

The committee decided the best way to characterize faculty salaries at UMM for its report is “not equitable with respect to other campuses in the system and other comparison groups.”

There are still questions among committee members regarding the PULSE survey results from last year, and the data specific to Morris Campus. We are not all clear as to what data has and has not been made available. Wareham will review the situation and update the committee.

One committee member raised concerns about the lack of specific, detailed contracts among tenured faculty at UMM. The issue will be on the agenda of the all-university FCC in February.
There may be implications here regarding post-tenure review and interdisciplinary appointments.

Committee will review list of priorities generated from the beginning of fall semester, perhaps revisit/reorder at next meeting.

Respectfully submitted by James Wojtaszek