University of Minnesota Morris

Sample Probation Letter

June Year

To: Students on Probation following Spring Year

From: Scholastic Committee

Subject: Official Notice of Academic Probation

You have been placed on academic probation (PB) because your semester or cumulative GPA following spring year was less than 2.000. If at the end of fall semester year your term GPA and cumulative GPA are not 2.000 or higher, you will be suspended. Your best chance to avoid suspension is to meet with your adviser before the essential deadline (September day, year) to review your fall schedule of classes. You should be registered for 12–16 credits and you should have completed all prerequisite courses. Links to tools that will help you and your adviser assess your schedule and workload are on the Scholastic Committee website and below.

Academic Planning Form

Academic Assistance

Academic Contract

You can return to good standing by raising your term and cumulative GPA to 2.000.

Consult the UMM resources offered above to help you identify your areas of difficulty and to help you improve your grades and better manage the social, academic, and financial pressures you face as a college student.

A copy of this probation notice has been sent to your adviser.

Att: PB notification, Academic Planning Form