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MOOCs are an evolving higher education learning opportunity. A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course, open to anyone (i.e. no admissions requirements) offered by a higher education institution or a commercial enterprise. Most MOOCs are offered for no credit, although a few credit–bearing MOOCs have recently been implemented.

Morris students who are considering enrolling in MOOCs and hope to earn credit for the learning experience are strongly encouraged to seek information from the transfer specialist prior to enrolling.

The granting of credit for MOOCs at the University of Minnesota, Morris is governed by existing University of Minnesota policies regarding the awarding of transfer credit for courses taken at institutions other than Morris.

From the University of Minnesota Transfer Policy

Credit for course work taken at other institutions will be transferred subject to the following considerations:

Regional accreditation will usually serve as the primary criterion for determining the transferability of course work from another institution.

University of Minnesota Transfer Policy

MOOC credits

If a student receives credit for a MOOC, reported on an official transcript issued by an accredited institution as defined in University of Minnesota policy, this credit will transfer as does any other transfer credit.

The University of Minnesota, Morris recognizes that the attainment of collegiate level knowledge and skills may occur in a variety of settings, including MOOCs, which do not carry college level credits.

If a student successfully completes a MOOC and gains knowledge that leads to a passing score on an examination that Morris already uses to grant credits, the student can be awarded credit by examination. Exam options are:

A student who wishes to enroll in a MOOC to gain knowledge that is not offered in Morris’s regular curriculum or that may complement coursework at Morris may seek to contract with a faculty member to earn credits through a Directed Study.

Contact the Scholastic Committee executive staff for more information if you are exploring the feasibility of fulfilling general education requirements through completion of MOOC courses.