University of Minnesota Morris

Transfer Evaluation Coordinator

The current transfer evaluation coordinator at the Morris campus is Judy Korn in the Office of Registrar.

212 Behmler Hall
600 East 4th Street
University of Minnesota
Morris, MN 56267

State transfer articulation agreements require Minnesota’s public colleges and universities to designate an individual to serve as the Transfer Evaluation Coordinator. These specialists work directly with students, faculty, and staff, advising them as to how university coursework meets the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. Because all institutions both send and receive transfer students, a transfer specialist helps students to plan for transferring out as well as transferring in to a college or university.

The Scholastic Committee has vested transfer authority in the Transfer Specialist position within the Office of the Registrar. It is the responsibility of the Transfer Evaluation Coordinator to identify those institutions from which credit can be transferred and to determine whether course work is college level. If questions arise with regard to transfer of specific courses, the Transfer Evaluation Coordinator will confer with the appropriate discipline faculty.

The application of transfer coursework to the major or program requirements is a discipline decision made by designated faculty.

The Transfer Evaluation Coordinator evaluates coursework for students studying abroad or through an exchange program. As part of the application process to study abroad, UMM students are expected to submit their proposed courses to the Transfer Evaluation Coordinator to determine if they will be accepted for transfer and if they will meet a general education category.

The Transfer Evaluation Coordinator maintains the course database in the system.