Steering Committee

2013–2014 Membership


  • Tammy Berberi, chair
  • Sheri Breen
  • Janet Ericksen, FCC Representative


  • Hazen Fairbanks
  • Jon Troe


  • Matt Senger


  • Jennifer Zych Herrmann, vice chair

Ex Officio

  • Jacqueline Johnson, chancellor


  • Dave Swenson

Executive Staff

  • Carrie Grussing


The Steering Committee consists of nine voting members and one non-voting member.

Committee members shall be elected at a spring semester assembly meeting. Only members of Campus Assembly are eligible to be on the Steering Committee. The vice chair shall be elected first for a term of one year and then serve as chair for the next year. The other members shall be elected next, terms being one year for students and two years on a staggered basis for others. There are no restrictions on reelection. Vacancies shall be filled by special election.


The Steering Committee has the following responsibilities:

—from the UMM Constitution and By-Laws