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Commission on Women Members & Advisory Board

All women employed by the University of Minnesota, Morris are equal members of the Commission on Women. An advisory board serves to guide the activities with input from interested parties. The board consists of ten staff and faculty members who are appointed on a two year with representation as follows: 3 faculty/teaching P & A, 2 non-teaching P & A, 3 USA staff, Violence Prevention Program Coordinator, staff Coordinator.* Terms are staggered to provide a mix of new and returning members. Terms are renewable for a maximum of 4 consecutive years of service, after which a two-year break is required before returning to the board.

Advisory Board

* P&A are professional/academic or professional/administrative employees. USA staff refers to civil service and bargaining unit employees
Would you like to become more involved with the Commission on Women?

Your personal support of women's issues is critical. The advisory board wants to work with you to identify and prepare for the ever-changing role of women in our society. To do so, you can:

  • Attend sponsored events to learn more about women's issues
  • Apply for a Commission on Women tuition grant to attend a seminar (student, staff and faculty grants available)
  • Serve on a Commission on Women sub-committee focusing on an issue of interest
  • Speak with board members about issues that you would like to see addressed such as pay equity, women and sports.
  • Indicate your interest in serving on the advisory board to a current member
  • Take a Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies class
  • Develop a campus initiative and seek funding through a Commission on Women grant
  • Utilize programs and services supported by Commission on Women activities such as the Morris Area Child Care Center
  • Invite others to become involved