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Information for Moodle Discussion Forum

  • Moodle is an online course tool administered by the UMTC computing services. The discussion forum is a Moodle course named "UMM_Students".The site is designed as a social site, with discussion forums, databases and event calendar.
  • Only enrolled students can access it, so the information you will post there is visible only to other participants in the site.
  • You can become an enrolled participant by following this link: You will be prompted for a key word. The keyword is
    Only with the keyword will you be able to view the contents of the site. You can unenroll at any time with one click.
  • The site displays three columns. The columns consist of boxes with various functions, which are explained below.
  • The Center Column is reserved for various discussion forums. Forums can be started by anybody, and anybody can reply to any post.
  • Right Column:
    • Administration: You can edit your profile, un-enroll from the site, and change your personal Moodle settings. If editing your profile, you can in particular change settings regarding whether you want to be updated by e-mail on new posts, or whether a daily digest would be enough.
    • Upcoming Events: The panel lists calendar events and allows you to link to them. You can add events to the calendar, as well.
  • Left Column:
    • Calendar: the marked days are clickable.
    • Participants: displays a list of currently enrolled persons.
    • Activities: The forum link takes you to a list of all open discussions, apparently. The database link gives you a list of all databases associated with the site.
  • The database with student parents and kids is meant to help you to connect and maybe match up the kids with potential play mates. It may be worth taking a moment and adding an entry for yourself there.
  • If you have any difficulties, suggestions for improvements, problems and issues with the site, please drop me an e-mail:
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