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Coordination of Use

UMM's Commission on Women and the UMM Information Center staff coordinate use of the UMM Mothers Room.  For long-term use, the Coordinator for the Commission on Women will authorize issuance of a key to the breastfeeding mother.  For intermittent or guest use, a key may be checked out at the Information Center in the UMM Student Center.



The University of Minnesota, Morris complies with Minnesota Law, Chapter 181, section181.939 (entitled “Nursing Mother”) that requires employers to provide mothers with reasonable unpaid break time to express milk, and a room or other location to express milk in privacy.  The room may be used by UMM campus community members and guests.



The University of Minnesota, Morris supports breastfeeding mothers by providing Room 111 of the UMM Student Center, (in the Tunnel, near Briggs Library entrance) as a private, comfortable room for them to express and store breastmilk for their babies. The room includes cleansing and storage facilities.


Nursing mothers who are campus employees may request from their supervisor a reasonable unpaid break time to nurse or express milk.  The break time must, if possible, run concurrently with any break time already provided to the employee. 


The Mothers Room will be locked at all times and may be accessed by checking out a key (see Coordination of Use above).   Keys issued to an individual for long-term use may be kept until access to the room is no longer necessary.  A fee will be charged to replace lost keys.


People using the Mothers Room will be required to respect the privacy and security of the room and those who use the room. Individuals are expected to respectfully coordinate their use with other mothers using the room.  Individuals are also expected to clean up after each use and lock the room as they depart.


Any violations to this policy, including, but not limited to, use of the room for purposes other than those directed here, or lack of respect of the other individuals using the room, will result in termination of room privileges.


Using the Mothers Room………


Please help us to maintain the room in a state that is clean, healthy, comfortable and safe for all using it by following these guidelines:


¨      Each mother should sign in and out using the logbook each time she uses the room.  This enables us to document how much the room is used and how much it serves the University community.


¨      Good hand washing before and after pumping is advised to maintain cleanliness and safety of the milk, your pumping equipment, and the environment.


¨      Containers of breast milk that have been labeled with your name and the date of milk collection may be stored in the refrigerator.  Appropriate labeling is important to the safety of your milk and to the continued availability of the room.


¨      Rinse your pump attachments thoroughly after each use.  It also is recommended that you wash your breast shield and the bottle, if used, in hot soapy water or a dishwasher daily.  (Tubing should not be washed as the milk never passes through it and the pump may not function with wet tubing.)


¨      A spray bottle of cleaning solution is provided for wiping up any spills.  It is imperative that spilled milk be cleaned up immediately.  Each woman who uses the room is responsible for cleaning up after her use of the room.  A sink is available nearby if additional soap and water are required.  Building maintenance staff are responsible for the cleanliness of the facility, but are not responsible for cleaning any personal supplies. 


¨      Personal items can be left in the room if labeled with your name, stored in a clean, sealed container and placed in a locker. Users provide their own padlocks, for the lockers.  Items that are not stored appropriately will be discarded.


¨      Please be sure to lock the room when you are finished.  If you find that the room was not secure when you arrived, please note it on the Environmental Assessment Log provided.


¨      This room may not be used for any other purpose than indicated in the policy.  Violation of this policy may result in loss of privilege to use this room.


¨      Notify the Coordinator of the UMM Commission on Women at 6080 if any issues that arise. There is a comment section on the Environmental Assessment Log form for general comments or concerns.


Thank you!!    



(Adopted from the Boyton Health Service, Expression Connection Instructions.  This document maintained by Sara Haugen)