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Commission on Women Grants

The UMM Commission on Women invites proposals for projects which further one or more of its goals:

  • to improve the conditions for women at UMM, thereby enriching the campus community;
  • to create and maintain a humane professional environment which fosters the growth and development of all members of the community in all their diversity allowing them to work to their full potential;
  • to enrich the climate for women on our campus, in our classrooms and in the work place;
  • to identify current issues for women and address them through its programs;
  • to challenge prevailing norms, values and attitudes that demean or devalue women;
  • to encourage faculty, staff, students, and administrators to create more humane professional work environments for all UMM women;
  • to encourage faculty, staff, students and administrators to incorporate women's studies into the body of established, authoritative knowledge within the disciplines at UMM;
  • to promote fair treatment of women in academic and campus life including such areas as instruction, hiring, mentoring, evaluation, promotion, pay, and institutional regard or recognition
    Selection Criteria
    The Commission on Women will evaluate each proposal considering the following criteria:

    1. Purpose: Does this proposal encourage or provide a supportive and empowering environment for women on the UMM campus and/or in the Morris Community? Does this proposal address an issue or community concern? Will this proposal increase campus connection and collaboration regarding women's needs and issues?
    2. Planning: Can this program realistically meet its timeline? Goals? Budget? Is the action plan complete? What will occur in Morris? Does this program successfully balance its purpose in the use of funds? Is this an innovative or unique approach?
    3. Availability: Are funds available? Are the necessary resources available for success? How heavily does this proposal rely on the Commission's assistance, now and in the future? Is the group/individual seeking funds elsewhere?

    Availability of Funds
    Typically, only one grant per person or organization will be allocated within an academic year. Individuals or organizations may apply more than once, however, requests from those who have not received an award in a given academic year will receive priority over those making a second request.

    Submission Information
    Proposals may be submitted to the Coordinator for the Commission on Women in a short application form with necessary attachments. Project coordinators are asked to:

    1. Briefly describe the project in a one-three page narrative (see length restrictions, #2 below) addressing the question:

      How would funding this request support the mission of the Commission on Women to provide a supportive and empowering environment for women on the UMM campus and/or in the Morris Community?

    Include project rationale/goals and specific objectives/actions that will help you achieve those goals. Demonstrate how the project will positively affect women at the University and/or in the Morris community.

    2. Narratives should be double spaced, word-processed or typed and printed back-to-back with a maximum of one page for grants up to $300 and a maximum of three pages for grants over $300

    3. Provide a timetable, budget, and budget rationale. Include additional sources of funding, if applicable.

    Final Report
    Within three weeks of the event or completion of the project a written report must be submitted to the Commission with:

  • a budget report of actual expenses/revenues
  • an explanation of any major changes from the original proposal
  • an evaluation of the project/event

    Review Timetable
    Allow 2-4 weeks for Commission review and action.
    Click here for an application form.
    Examples of the kinds of proposals that might be funded:

  • Organizations seeking assistance in staging programs and activities which establish direct benefit to a broad group of women in the UMM community.
  • Individuals pursuing personal, professional development which enhances the climate for women at UMM.
  • Individuals or organizations developing and implementing programs that promote the growth and development of women and girls in the broader community.
    Examples of grants or co-sponsorships awarded:


  • Funding for "Women in the Media: Getting What You Want," a student research project that involved extensive travel to interview state, region, and national women in the media

  • Funding for UMM student Michelle Forsberg to travel to Queretaro, Mexico to present a paper written with Dr. Stacey Parker Aronson

  • Funding for UMM student Emily Hodapp to print her senior honors project, the "Stevens County Divorce Resource Guide"

    On campus programming

  • Start-up money to purchase equipment for RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) classes.

  • Women's Studies Major alumni presentation on career options

  • Shelia Wellstone presentation on campus to raise awareness about international sex trafficking of young girls.

  • Co-sponsorship of presentation by political activist and peace advocate Polly Mann

  • Multi-year co-sponsorship of UMM's Multicultural Student Leadership Retreat (MSLR).

  • Annual funding of UMM Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

    Faculty/Staff development

  • Staff development support for attendance at Women's Athletics/Coaching Convention

  • participation in a panel on Sustainable Feminisms, U of M Academy of Distinguished Teachers

  • Travel to annual conference of the Africa Literature Association (Madison, WI)

    Student development

  • Registration fees and mileage costs for UMM attendees of conference - "Powerful Communication Skills for Women"

  • Funding for six UMM students, to attend Leaders of Today and Tomorrow (LOTT) conference on "Women Making a Difference in Public Policy."


  • Purchase of feminist films for Briggs Library

  • Funding for Mimi Frenier Women's Studies Award

  • Partial funding for a sexual assault prevention advocate on campus.

    Community programming

  • Funding for training workshop and manuals for UMM students serving as facilitators for Morris Area Girls Circle groups, a peer interaction program for 5th-8th grade girls.

  • Funding for multicultural training for Morris Area Childcare Center (MACCC) employees.

  • Funding to assist UMM students with child care costs at the Morris Area Childcare Center (MACCC).