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Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations

MTLE Update

Effective September 2010, the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examination (MTLE) became the sole means of assessing the basic skills, pedagogical, and content-area knowledge of Minnesota teacher candidates. As of that date, all candidates for an initial license will be required to pass the MTLE basic skills tests (in reading, writing, and mathematics) as well as pedagogy and content-area tests. Additionally, in order for a University of Minnesota, Morris teacher candidate to student teach, she or he must pass all three Basic Skills exams. Click on the links below for more information (based on the MTLE website) on:

General MTLE Information

Teacher candidates seeking licensure must complete three sets of tests: the Basic Skills, the Pedagogy tests, and the Content Area exams. You must pass all Basic Skills tests to be eligible to student teach; you must pass ALL exams in order to be eligible for a Minnesota teaching license. You may retake the subtests until you obtain a passing score - which is a scale score of 240.

Score reports are released approximately 21 days after testing. Please save your score report and email your score report to Liz Fladhammer They are only available for a short time, and you will need to pay to access those scores at a later date.

Test Dates and Sites

Effective September 4, 2012, computer-based tests are available by appointment, year round, Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays) at test centers across the state and nationwide.


If you need to retake a test you may do so in 45 days. Examinees who have failed a subtest five or more times may be eligible for a fee voucher for subsequent attempts. To request a retake fee voucher, contact Evaluation Systems before registering to test.

Test Preparation

The MTLE website provides test preparation materials and links. The Test Frameworks section will be particularly helpful for studying for the exams.

Additional resources

Many states have competency exams for beginning teachers that are designed to assess similar competencies to those in the MTLE.  Below are links to study materials from several states. These materials may be helpful to you, but please remember that they are not designed specifically to meet Minnesota’s standards.

California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST)

Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE)

Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensing (MTEL)

Michigan State Teachers Certification Exam (MTTC)

Test Accommodations

Examinees with documented disabilities, examinees for whom English is not a primary language, and examinees whose religious practices prevent them from testing on Saturdays may be eligible for alternative testing arrangements. This process will take several weeks, so be sure to register early.