University of Minnesota Morris
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Office Goals and Priorities

Equity, Diversity & Intercultural Programs Staff


  1. Connect with students
  2. Collaborate with other campus offices
  3. Proactive outreach efforts to the community
  4. Network with other institutions
  5. Update the MSP Web site at least once per semester and annually review the MSP related brochures


  1. Develop a collaborative recruitment plan for students of color with the Office of Admissions in an effort to maintain and increase all student of color populations
  2. Encourage equal representation of all ethnic groups in the Gateway Program

Increase interaction between student organizations as well as between MSP and the student organizations

  1. Be more proactive in working to help student of color organizations with Activity Fee Review Committee (AFRC) proposals, budgets, constitutions, program planning, etc.
  2. Attendance by MSP at meetings and events sponsored by student of color organizations throughout the semester.

Staff Development

  1. Encourage professional staff attendance at least one professional development conference a year.
  2. Implement in-house staff development workshops, etc.