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Summit Scholars—A TRIO Student Support Services Program

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The University of Minnesota, Morris Summit Scholars began in 2015 and is a TRIO Student Support Services program funded by the U.S. department of Education. Our program provides individual support as well as impactful opportunities and experiences for 140 high-ability students at Morris. Our shared mission includes helping students become their most academically competitive self while creating a rich, connected college experience towards a timely graduation.

The Summit Scholars program delivers on the 50 year tradition of TRIO Student Support Services which not only facilitates the growth and development of participants to form a strong sense of identity about where they’ve come from, but also helps provide clarity and confidence about who they are, a broad vision about where they are going, what they’ve become, and the positive impact they can have on the world.


Students involved in Summit Scholars benefit from a wide range of services, including connections to campus resources, academic assistance, tutoring, cultural support and so much more!

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