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UMM Break Photo Contest 2007-2008

The winners have been announced!

Congratulations to our winners, DeAnna Ricci (recipient of a first prize $100 bookstore gift certificate) and Tiffany Thielke (recipient of a second prize $50 bookstore gift certificate). In addition, the three judges and sponsors are awarding honorable mention UMM mugs to Michelle Scribner, Katrina Heimark, and Joe Weber. Thanks to everyone who entered for sharing your wonderful photos with us!

New Prague junior Kate Grabosky visits the Berlin Wall.

School breaks, study abroad opportunities...UMMers accomplish great things with their time away from campus. Here's what they've been up to this year! (Click each photo for a larger version in a new window.)

Maria Brun of Robbinsdale, shown here visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, spent her break studying culture and language in Punjab. "People make pilgrimages to this holy place, standing in lines for hours just to kneel and pray," the senior reports. She wore the traditional salwaar, covered her head, and removed her shoes and socks as required...then added a UMM track jacket on top!

On the other side of the planet, sophomore Alicia Gaarder of Buffalo grabbed a strategic spot for this photo of a visit to Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska. We didn't ask about the height of the sign...or how she got up there!

From St. Louis Park, Donnie Hicks leaves his mark at St. Andrew's Castle on the west coast of Scotland. Donnie spent fall semester at the University of Glasgow.

Rochelle Jansen of Sauk Centre escaped the Spring Break snows of Minnesota only to hike in a blizzard with the Geology Club at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.

Here are two cases of impressive 'handiwork.' First, this year's 'green' entry: Junior Katrina Heimark of Aitkin, currently studying abroad in Peru, dressed to blend in with the pristine environment at Machu Picchu but still managed to make her collegiate affiliation known. (Student Affairs Honorable Mention)

In another set of mountains, UMMers Laura Thoma, Jacob Leader, and Kate Grabosky braved the high winds of Refrigerator Canyon (not to mention the disclaimers about acrophobia) to pay homage to their campus atop Angels Landing in Zion National Park.

Here's the UMM swimming and diving team, coming back early from break to train, stopping along the highway to photograph their secret fantasy on a ten degree day... weather warm enough to float this boat!

First Prize! Who needs an exotic Spring Break destination? Freshman DeAnna Ricci visited the folks back home in Apple Valley. When one of the biggest snowstorms of the year arrived, her family experienced a serious bout of spring fever...with just the right touch of UMM devotion.

Morris, Morris everywhere! It's not hard to find the UMM connections in this photo of Stacy sophomore Michelle Scribner visiting June Kim (who attended UMM in 2006-07) at the Keoksugung Palace in Seoul, South Korea...

...but how many references to Morris can you find in this photo of Andy Jensen and Olivia Awoudi, visiting the capitol building in Santa Fe, New Mexico on their day off from building Habitat for Humanity houses over Spring Break? Here's a hint...think housing... (Enrollment Honorable Mention)

Ain't no mountain high enough! Alex McGreavey and Sam Krump-Johnson of Maple Grove enjoyed a favorite Spring Break activity, skiing in sunny Colorado...

...while Angie Connors, Matt Bombyk, and Rochelle Jansen of the Outdoor Club scaled a simulated mountain at Vertical Endeavors in St. Paul over Winter Break.

When in Japan...Here's freshman Melissa Kloek of Stillwater with big sister and UMM alumna Molly, rubbing Buddha's head for luck per local custom in Hiroshima. Give our best to sister Sara (2005 photo contest winner), please!

Molly and Melissa were joined by Bobby Goodfellow of Mound (another 2007 graduate) in front of the Hiroshima Peace Park's A-bomb dome, which, Molly notes, is "the only remaining structure left partially intact from the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima."

Go, Cougars...all the way to the UK! Here's Roseville sophomore Joe Weber, in county Devon, England, over Winter Break. (Dean's Office Honorable Mention)

Where's Rochelle? Out standing on an outcropping. Guess that training at Vertical Endeavors paid off! Check out all the shades of maroon and gold.

"Reach for your dreams." Second Prize! If Glenwood junior Tiffany Thielke doesn't win with this great Spring Break shot of the Seattle Space Needle, she's going to photograph herself in UMM-wear with the French doctor who will make it possible for the cancer survivor to study abroad in Paris next July.

Finally, we have Xinyi Yu, posing with the Statue of Liberty over Winter Break. Xinyi Yu is a junior and an exchange student from Shanghai, China. Her uncle from Jersey took this photo.

Thanks, everybody! You all look great! See you next year!