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Morris Break Photo Contest 2008-09

The Morris campus on break and abroad!

They came, they saw, they did a little celebrating. Entries in the University of Minnesota, Morris 2008-09 Break Photo Contest combine the historical with the locations from Washington, D.C. to Wall Street to Rome.

Enjoy a special section of beautiful images from a Chinese student's first college spring break in San Francisco.

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    First Prize     Second Prize     Honorable mention

What are those, ant hills? Piles of dirt? No, those are crowds gathering in a professional photo of the inauguration of President Obama. Click it to see a red mark indicating where Montevideo freshman Josh Preston, first prize winner, and his friends (photographer Rene Maes, Kathy Julik-Heine, Collin Sandoe, Talia Earle, Patrick Chester, and Michael McBride...see his UMM glove in the lower photo?) stood in frigid temperatures for more than eight hours to get the best possible view of the proceedings. And don't let the Washington Monument poke you in the eye!

Congratulations to the Geology Club, winners of the second place prize! They were thinking of us back in wintry Morris, even as they frolicked in sand as white as snow. Adam Yust arranged the bodies and Rochelle Jansen took the photo of participants in the Geology Club's trip to White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, site of the world's largest gypsum dune field.

Jenny Benson and Brandon Huberty, both seniors and future secondary school teachers from Minnesota, have been studying abroad as part of the Morris campus Global Student Teaching program in Australia. They got new friends from Adelaide to pose with them and take this photo at West Beach on the Gulf of St. Vincent.

Heard enough bull about bailouts and bonuses? During a spring break visit to the Wall Street financial district in New York City, Jared Chang, a freshman from Seoul, Korea, appears confident that the problem-solving skills of a liberal arts education will propel him to great heights in any economy. We toast him, or rather we encourage him to toast himself, with an honorable mention prize mug featuring the new camups logo!

Before settling into their sleeping bags for the night on the floor of a local community center, Alicia Johnson (left) and Jackie Danner (right) stretched their legs in Wichita, Kansas on day 2 of the Students Today, Leaders Forever "Pay It Forward" trip to Memphis.

Erin Go Bragh from the Eternal City! Sarah Tolbert, studying abroad in Ireland, spent her host institution's spring break visiting Italy. Here's the Colosseum in the heart of Rome.

Sophomores Crystal Biljan and Taryn Hawkins also made the trip to Memphis, cleaning rivers and playing bingo with the elderly along the way. Their green Morris campus t-shirts boast remind folks that service is a renewable resource.

Shauna Rosen celebrated her 22nd birthday with four Cougars and a horse. Posing left to right were current students Elizabeth Waller, Shauna, Bridgette Esterby, and Christina Osthus. Alumna Lauren Cunnien kept a grip on Mike the horse.

Sam Krump-Johnson, snug in his Morris outerwear, hoisted an ax to demonstrate the strength of a liberal arts education...and to chop some firewood to keep Maple Grove sophomore Alex McGreavey warm during her Winter Break visit with Sam's family in Colorado.

Joel Waage went further west to visit his brother, Karl, in San Francisco. As the January weather was unusually clear and sunny, they decided to enjoy some sustainable entertainment—a round trip hike across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Out of competition

We clean up nice, but, alas, we don't make formalwear with Morris insignia (yet), so here's an out-of-competition tableau of images featuring Kathy Julik-Heine and Student DFL president Mike McBride who coordinated the inauguration trip to Washington, D.C. and attended one of the balls.

Few can forget the excitement of exploring a great American city. Xuan 'Jamie' Wang, a freshman from China, also visited San Francisco and captured these beautiful images. The final photo depicts a street artist on Fisherman's Wharf, tipped a banana by children who stood a long while in the cold wind to listen to his music. Thanks for sharing, Jamie!

Staff non-competition contributions

"What happens if I open this window?" Rebecca Webb, Computing Services, seen here at Top of the Rock overlooking Central Park in New York City, would like to thank the campus for scheduling Fall Break at exactly the right moment in time to allow her to catch Jeremy Piven in "Speed-the-Plow."

Maybe it's the green campus influence. Mike Vandenberg from Admissions just can't get enough of trains. Here he watches one travel along the Mississippi River near Maiden Rock, WI.

Last but not least, here's Mark Van Overbeke, Computing Services interim director and cross-country coach, 'standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona' over Winter Break. No, he did not run all the way there. That's it until next year. Take it easy, everybody!