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UMM Spring Break 2007!

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We expect great things from UMMers, even when they're on vacation. But this year, Spring Break yielded a special dividend...unexpected and wonderful new friendships! Let's join senior Sara Herman and her friend from the Twin Cities as they set off for adventure across the Brooklyn Bridge and see who turns up!

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Susan Seim, Jozette Allen, Lindsey Johansen, and Erica Dolven-Kolle visit Honest Abe in Washington, D.C.

Melanie Hankins isn't worried...a liberal arts education will prepare her for anything. Apparently, it was a lot warmer on the slopes of Colorado than on the East Coast!

In fact, the theatre trip folks, posing here in front of some new friends from "Avenue Q," were so cold in New York they had to cover up their UMM-wear.

Shakopee senior Brenda Lake met someone outside Hammond Stadium in Florida who was thrilled to see her UMM pennant... Twins announcer Dick Bremer!

International art in the park! Hayley, Rebecca, and Melanie, three teenagers from Mrs. Wilson's class at the Bolton Sixth Form College in northern England, sent these photos after the group met UMM art students posing in Central Park and decided to emulate the shot. Students from Bolton visit New York every other year as they prepare for 'A levels' and a university education. Many of them will become first generation university students, just like many UMMers.

Brother Nathan of the Community of St. John's Convent in Princeville, Illinois, loved the idea that a college student (Janelle Straley of Lakeville) would wear a shirt that said, "UMM," while spending Spring Break in reflection and contemplation at a spiritual retreat.

Mayla Yang, Bao Thao, Cecilia Thao, Cindy Vue, Ka Yang, and Antonia Murray bring you greetings from the Midwest Asian American Student Union Conference in Urbana, Illinois.

Here's the Geology Club, hiking in the southwest. Can you spot the UMMers?

Try again. And pass the judges some Pepto.

Here's the DC quartet again. Their visit to the nation's capital was a side journey, part of a 1,200-mile roadtrip to spend Spring Break in the Shenandoah Valley.

Since great minds think alike, it's no surprise to find another cougar, Patrick VanZandt, in the same vicinity.

The UMM Habitat for Humanity students went to Texas where rainy days meant working in the mud...and a day off to visit NASA. Do you suppose folks asked them if they knew Chris Olson?

Here's Patrick taking a break in a glorious location, but can you guess where Amanda Decker, shown at right with fellow senior James Gambrell, is resting her UMM mitten?
They're posing before a giant sequoia tree
Here's a hint. It's one of the smaller specimens that can be found in Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park.

"Keeping it real," take one. Ting Ting Qian, one of the several UMMers from China, went hiking in Utah and submitted this photo of a great place for a little Tai Chi.

"Keeping it real," take two. Nolan Hauta's no slouch; his self-portrait of some traditional Spring Break activities (catching up on sleep and homework, visiting the dentist, getting a haircut, and laundering all that UMM-wear) was the first entry received!

Just one more!

Photos taken by concessionaires are not eligible for competition, but we had to let you see Stephanie Wilson, Anne Bergstrom, and Courtney Nikolaus, full of UMM spirit on Splash Mountain at Disney World.

Congratulations to our winners and to thanks to all the students who shared their Spring Break experiences!