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UMM Winter Break 2006!

Some Cougars studied in India, some Cougars played in the snow.
Some Cougars shopped in Holland, some Cougars painted a home.

Enjoy these photos from our Winter Break 2006 Photo Contest!
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second prize photo
New photo contest strategy! Power in numbers! UMM is proud of how many students it sends to study abroad. Professor Pareena Lawrence took to this group, posing in their Cougar finest, to India, where they explored globalization, social and economic development.

Here's Benson sophomore Brady Alsaker, posing alongside Molly Kloek at an abandoned fort outside of Agra.

Click this photo and you'll discover that tourists found these Cougars more fascinating than the Taj Mahal! Posing are juniors Colin Smith (Stillwater), Mary Lambrecht (New Ulm), Julia Schmitt (Minnetonka), and Molly Kloek (Stillwater), plus Brady, who sneaked over from the other photo.

A trip to the doctor and a rabies shot couldn't dampen the spirits of Alison Pehl, who was bitten by a street dog. As a demonstration of her indominatable Cougar sense of humor...

... she also entered this photo of buddy Becki Jordan sleeping during the long plane ride.

For more shots from India, scroll down to the "Out of Competition" section.
honorable mention photo
"There's no place like home," says Lisa Fredrich, a senior from New Ulm who celebrated the blessings of the season by creating a snow sculpture in her yard. For more shots of Cougars engaged in home improvement, scroll down to the "Out of Competition" section.

Fridley senior Amy Brotten picked a chilly time to visit Holland. Fortunately, she brought along some warm Cougar outerwear!

Old buildings and new, just like UMM!
This is The Hague; the buildings range in age from 10 to 600 years!

first prize photo

She came, she saw, she did a little shopping.

The shoes match the pennant! Wrap 'em up!

Out of competition

The Cougar Women's Basketball team took time from their 8-game winning streak to paint a Habitat for Humanity house in Starbuck. Of course, they couldn't risk splashing any paint on UMM-wear!



Thanks to our India trip participants for sharing these and many other photos in online albums.