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UMM Winter Break 2007: "I'm with the Band!"

They met, they talked, and ultimately, the students of the Symphonic Winds Council decided: this year, UMM's wind and percussion musicians would spend their week-long January tour in the Caribbean aboard the M.S. Elation. Now they have a better idea of what a shipboard gig as professional musicans might be like. "The food was amazing, things I've never had before," insists Dan Connolly '09. "It was the best food in the world!" Of course, exposing the students to different cultures and locations, having them play in different environments, was wonderful, too, notes their conductor, Dr. Martin Seggelke, assistant professor of music.

band posing by ship

In the ship's Mikado Lounge or at Hairbraiders Square in Nassau, the band performed movements from McBeth's Of Sailors and Whales such as 'Ishmael,' 'Queequeg,' 'Ahab,' and 'The White Whale' (can you name the novel that inspired the composer?) "It was a great opportunity," says Kate Raymond '07, "to make UMM known to the global community."

band performing

Click any photo, above or below, for a larger version. Thanks to Bekah Deutl '08 for reporting. Read the University Relations press release here. And now, our contest winners!

UMMer in Titanic pose
Far across the distance
And spaces between us
UMM will help me go on...

First prize goes to Elizabeth Waller, a sophomore from Lemmon, SD, striking a pose on board the M.S. Titanic... I mean, Elation! Sara Friedrichs of Apple Valley snapped the photo.

Sand castle
UMM - a foundation you can build upon!

Sarah Tolbert submitted our second place entry on behalf of the UMM Symphonic Winds. Click the picture to see the full sandcastle, which apparently has a UMM t-shirt at the base of the keep. Good thinking! Musicians shown include sophomore Sarah Tolbert, sophomore Jessica Henry, Senior Nolan Hauta, Freshman Alsin Schlick, freshman Andy Bowe, freshman Dan Kmetz, and freshman Sarah Duffy.

Congrats to our winners!
See you after Spring Break!