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Charitable Gift Planning

High quality education, research, and programs at the University of Minnesota depend upon your generosity. The University of Minnesota Morris's skilled Planned Giving team can help you create a future gift that can provide benefits to you and to the University. Future gifts may take the form of a simple bequest from a will or living trust, the designation of retirement plan assets or life insurance, or a gift that can provide income payments to you or your loved ones for life. Planned Giving can also assist with current gifts that may offer particular challenges such as real estate and tangible personal property. More »

Consider a Charitable Gift Annuity for Your Year-End Gift

When you establish a charitable gift annuity (CGA) by the end of the year, you can give to the people and charitable organizations closest to your heart and receive tax benefits for this year's tax return. Find out what you need to know to get started right here. More »

Five Ways to Keep Your Money From Slipping Away

Sometimes, without even noticing, we let our hard-earned money slip away—spending instead of investing, paying more than we have to and underestimating Uncle Sam's portion. Here are five tips for keeping your generosity alive and your wallet full. More »

Quiz: What to Know About Your Family Finances

When was the last time you checked the balances on your and your spouse's accounts? Do you know how? To protect yourself and your family, it's essential that you know about your family's finances and estate plans. Take this quiz to see how much you know. More »

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