University of Minnesota Morris

Ways to Give to the University of Minnesota, Morris

There are many ways to give to Morris! Most types of gifts are eligible for tax benefits, and you may even receive tax advantages now for gifts that become available to Morris years later.

Get in touch with us to learn more. We can help you find the right fit for your priorities. We are happy to answer all your questions and work with you to find the option that works best for you.

Outright Gift »

Cash gifts are the easiest and most direct way to give, and the funds go right to work. You can also designate the program, fund, or campaign you would like to support.

Donate now online or mail checks to:

University of Minnesota, Morris
P.O. Box 860266
Minneapolis, MN 55486

Retirement Plan Assets »

Giving assets from an IRA, a qualified retirement plan, or commercial annuity can be a convenient and significant way to support Morris. You may also want to speak with a financial advisor to ensure your giving plan fits your financial planning goals.

Life Insurance »

If you own a life insurance policy, donating it to Morris can afford you tax advantages. You may also purchase a life insurance policy with Morris as a beneficiary.

Real Estate and Property »

You can give real estate like homes, land, or commercial buildings to support Morris. You can also put property in a trust or will, and often arrange to continue to enjoy the use of the property for as long as you wish.

We also accept some gifts of art, antiques, collections, livestock, crops, or other tangible personal property.

Charitable Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities »

A charitable trust or gift annuity will provide you or others with a reliable income, while also endowing a significant gift to Morris. The benefits of a charitable trust to you–beyond the positive impact of your gift–may include tax deductions and the security of a fixed income for you or your designee.

Securities »

By giving stocks or securities to Morris, you support our students and programs, and may also receive tax deductions. We can help you with the specifics about transferring securities and other financial and tax information, and you may wish to speak to a tax advisor to find out what your tax benefits will be.

Bequests and Estate Planning »

There are many ways to create a meaningful and lasting legacy at Morris through your estate. There may also be tax and financial benefits, depending on how your gift is structured. Be sure to consult with your attorney.

Host an Alumni Gathering »

Alumni gatherings are important events that bring alumni and friends together. Consider hosting an event to connect with old and new friends, network, and help support Morris.