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Google Initiatives

Since 2010, Morris students, faculty, and staff have transitioned from our old email servers to a new Gmail service hosted by Google. This gives the campus more flexibility and options in managing email and connecting with others.

Have you migrated to Gmail? It’s an easy process. Visit the My Account page to get started. After a few clicks in “Google Account Options”, all your email will migrate to Gmail automatically.

Your email address does not change when you move to Gmail. You still keep your same email address, and your connection to Morris!

While we recommend the Gmail web interface, you can also set up a desktop email client like Thunderbird, Eudora, MacMail, or any other email program to access your Gmail account. Just set a Desktop/Mobile client password at the My Account page. It’s also easy to set up an iPad or smartphone to use Gmail!

Along with email (Gmail), the University’s Google Apps includes Calendar, Google Docs (now “Google Drive”), Google Sites, and the Google+ social network.

If you have questions or need help, please contact the Helpdesk, 320-589-6150.

Thank you.