University of Minnesota Morris

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my email address change?
No, your email address will not change. Your friends and co-workers will still be able to reach you at your email address. You will not need to let anyone know that your email has moved to Google, and you will not need to change any mailing lists that you are on.
What about alumni and retirees?
During Summer 2012, alumni and retired staff & faculty are invited to move their lifelong email accounts into the University’s Gmail service. It’s an easy process. Visit the My Account page, and after a few clicks in “Google Account Options”, all your email will migrate to Gmail automatically.
What about health workers?
Users who fall under Health Care Component rules (“HIPAA” rules) will be set up in a separate version of Google Apps, but will continue to use email on the University systems. This limitation on email is due to the University’s legal arrangements. However, the University is currently reviewing if any of these users can be allowed to “opt-in” to Gmail, based on usage and data access. If you are a Health Care Component user, you may have already received an email from the University’s Academic Health Center, asking about how you use email. Look for further updates in Summer 2012 as details are worked out.
Will all my email and folders move to Google?
Yes, all your email saved on the mail servers will automatically migrate to Google, including folders. Note that long folder names may cause problems during migration. If you have folders with names longer than 40 characters (including spaces), you will need to rename or recreate them.

If you have messages saved locally (for example, in Thunderbird’s “Local Folders”) you should first click-and-drag to move them to your to your mail server account. Otherwise, you may need to move these to Google yourself after you migrate. Contact us and we can help you.
Will my address book (contacts) move to Google?
Google is not able to migrate your Thunderbird address book, because that is stored locally on your computer. However, after you migrate, you can export your Thunderbird address book, and import those contacts into Google.
Will my UMCal meetings move to Google?
The migration process can only process your mailbox. You will need to migrate your UMCal meetings on your own, after you migrate to Google.
Google calendar doesn’t print right. Am I doing something wrong?
Do not print your calendar with the “File-Print” option within your browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer). Use the print option within google at the top of your calendar and it will print correctly.
How can I log into multiple google accounts simultaneously?
To be able to use multiple google accounts in the same browser follow these steps:
  1. When logged into gmail, select Account Settings
  2. In the in the Personal Settings list click on Edit link next to Multiple sign-in.
  3. Select On and review the information provided.
Is it normal not to receive a message I sent to a UMM email list?
Yes, this is expected behaviour in Google Mail. The reason is that Gmail detects that you’ve seen that email from the mailing list (because you sent it, the message is in your Sent mail folder) so it doesn’t show it in the Inbox. But your email really did make it out to the mailing list. If the mail doesn’t make it through, you’ll get an email back from the listserv system telling you there was a problem.
How do I send a document from within Microsoft Office “File – Send”
Follow the instructions for how to set the “mailto” in your Firefox browser so that it uses Gmail, but unfortunately this only works inside Firefox. Office is trying to use the default desktop mail program, and it doesn’t know about Gmail. OIT is working on a solution that will work across all applications in Windows (including Office) but this isn’t ready yet. We’ll post a link when it’s available. In the meantime, the only way to send an Office document as an attachment in Gmail is to click “Attach a file” when composing a message in Gmail.
How much space can I use in Gmail?
Currently, the quota in Gmail is about 25 GB for anyone at the University of Minnesota. However, the Gmail migration process will still only be able to process about 6 GB at a time when you move from Cougarmail to Gmail.
I am using Thunderbird to access Gmail and my quota is full. What can I do?
To delete a folder and move the messages to a local folder follow these steps:
  1. Copy messages/Folder in Thunderbird IMAP folder
  2. Paste in local folder.
  3. Delete messages in IMAP folder - this will actually move them to google Trash.
We strongly encourage users to use only the web interface for Gmail, and not use a desktop email program.
I don’t like how google groups my emails. How can I change this?
Conversation view is the default view for gmail. If you go into your settings of gmail there is an option to turn off conversation view.
Why Google?
It’s less expensive (free to U of M.) We won’t need to continue investing in a local email solution. Google Apps are are higher quality than we can build ourselves. Incoming students and faculty are familiar with Google from their personal use. Google is now considered “enterprise” class, and is already deployed across other higher education institutions, and large corporations.
Can I use my mobile device (phone, etc.) to access Google?
Yes. For Android phones, use the pre-installed “Gmail” app. For iPhone or Blackberry, check out the “Handheld Guides” in the sidebar menu, on the left side of this page. Note that you will first need to set your “Google Desktop/Mobile Client Password” on your Internet Account Options page. Your mobile device is unable to use your regular Internet password.
What data can I put in Google?
FERPA (student) data is permitted - but like regular email, may only be between student and instructor. HIPAA and PHI data is not allowed. Export-controlled information is not permitted. Other standard rules about information shared via email still applies.
What should I do to prepare?
Go through your email and detach (delete) any attachments larger than 25MB. Check email folder names, make sure they are not longer than 40 characters. Delete unneeded emails, to speed up your migration.
Can I still use my email program (Thunderbird, etc.) to access my Google email?
In short, yes. The “Using Gmail” link in the sidebar menu, on the left side of this page, has instructions to set up your email client. Note that you will first need to set your “Google Desktop/Mobile Client Password” on your Internet Account Options page. Your email program is unable to use your regular Internet password.

However, we strongly recommend that users switch to the web version to read email. Google is always adding new features to their email service, and these new features will only be accessible through the web.