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Set Gmail as Default for Email Links in Webpages

Sometimes you may have an email address link in a webpage that you want to use to send an email. When you click on the link, by default, your computer opens your local email client (e.g., Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook, etc.). But you want to use Gmail, right? You can set Firefox to open Gmail as your default email client, so when you click on email address links in the future, you’ll be using Gmail to send your message.

  1. Launch Firefox Firefox Browser (note this only works in Firefox, not Safari, not Internet Explorer)
  2. Navigate to your Gmail account:
  3. Login to Gmail
  4. Copy and paste the javascript code below into the Firefox address bar and hit enter (in the same window your Gmail is open in)
  5. Click the Add Application button that appears in the top right.

Now all email links should open in Gmail.

Thanks to Will Bear, IT Manager in Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, for these instructions.