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Migration Process

Before you migrate

Your migration to Google will depend on how many emails you have in your current University Cougermail account. To speed up your move to Google, you should delete unneeded emails ahead of time.

Google is not able to import individual email messages that have attachments larger than 25 MB. To help your migration go smoothly, look through your email and detach (i.e. delete) attachments larger than 25 MB.

All your email saved on the mail servers will automatically migrate to Google, including folders. Note that long folder names may cause problems during migration. If you have folders with names longer than 40 characters (including spaces), you will need to rename or recreate them.

Start your migration

  1. Log into “my account” options »
  2. Click on “Google Account Options”
    • The “Google Account Options” page contains information about Google and how to start your migration.

What to expect when you migrate


The migration to Google is automated. There’s very little that you will need to do for the process to work smoothly.

First, go through your email and detach (delete) any attachments larger than 25MB. Check email folder names, make sure they are not longer than 40 characters. Delete unneeded emails, to speed up your migration.

To move your email to Gmail, visit the My Account page, and after a few clicks in “Google Account Options”, all your email will migrate to Gmail automatically.. We recommend that you do this at the end of the day before you go home. You can close your browser and shut down your computer at this step; all the work to move your email happens on the University’s servers.

Your Inbox and your last 30 days of Sent mail will immediately be copied to Gmail. After that, the automated migration process will pick up all your remaining emails from the server at a slightly lower priority. For most users, the migration process takes about a day. If you have lots and lots of messages on the server (for example, thousands), it may take a few days for all of your email to move to Google.

The next day, simply login to Gmail using your Web browser. If you prefer to use Thunderbird or another email client, you may do so, but you will need to configure your email program to use Google instead of Cougarmail. You can also set up an iPad or smartphone to use Gmail!


The migration from UMCal to Google Calendar is not automated. Some users may prefer to start fresh with Google Calendar rather than import their previous meetings from UMCal. It depends on how much you use the calendar.

If you wish to keep your UMCal calendar items, you will need to export your meeting data from UMCal and import it into Google Calendar