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Importing your UMCal meetings

In UMCal “Oracle Calendar” open your work calendar, then click “File – Export Data”.

Select type “iCalendar File”, which will save your data as an “ICS” file. Then click “Period: All” to choose all calendar events, and select the file to save the information. For example, the name “calendar data.ics”. Click “Ok” to save.

In Google Calendar, click “Settings – Calendar settings” in the upper-right corner. In the next screen, select “Calendars” in the gold bar, then click “Import calendar”. Browse to select your “calendar data.ics” file, then click “Import” to load the data into your calendar.

Note that if your UMCal has a lot of meetings, it may take several minutes for Google Calendar to load all your data. Please wait for the process to complete.