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Faculty and Students Partner on Summer Research

Posted by Pengxeu Thao '15, Roseville on Monday, Aug. 25, 2014

This summer 21 University of Minnesota, Morris students and 11 science and mathematics faculty members collaborated on Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Research Opportunities projects. These projects give students extended research opportunities during their undergraduate years to better prepare them for graduate work and careers in science.

Morris Projects and Participants
“Atmospheric optics as passive atmospheric probing tool”
Sylke Boyd, associate professor of physics
Shelby Richard
Jieying Jin

“A mapping and petrography-based study of eruption histories and magmatic conditions in the southern Cascades, Oregon”
Stephen Crabtree, assistant professor of geology
Meghan Williams
Jaron Christenson

“Investigating the immune response to HHV-6 infection”
Rachel Gibbons Johnson, assistant professor of biology
Tracie Weber ’15, Aurora
Charity Miles ’16, Minneapolis

“Developing a novice-friendly programming environment for the Clojure programming language”
Elena Machkasova, associate professor of computer science
Emma Sax ’17, Edina
Henry Fellows ’16, Arden Hills

“Using B-Splines to Determine Parameters in Differential Equation Models”
Barry McQuarrie, associate professor of mathematics
Sae Sun Kim ’15, Namyangju-si, South Korea

“Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Peptide Adsorption”
Zach Mensinger, assistant professor of chemistry
Magen Nivison ’17, Plymouth
Brandon Karels ’15, Plymouth

“Behavior and Morphology of Pharyngula-stage Zebrafish Embryos”
Paul Myers, associate professor of biology
Medora Dungan
Jordan Miller

“Changing forest dynamics at Minnesota’s prairie-forest border”
Pete Wyckoff, professor of biology
Abby Mallek
Drew Larson

“Data Sonification”
Engin Sungur, professor of statistics
Nathan Perfetti ’15, Minnetonka

“Biochemical characterization of cell shape determining proteins in Helicobacter pylori”
Timna Wyckoff, associate professor of biology
Chloe Hanson ’16, Lake Park
Laura Borkenhagen ’16, Truman

“Tiger salamander habitat use and behavior”
Heather Waye, associate professor of biology
Alexandria Brown
Broc Kokesh

The Undergraduate Summer Research Program is supported in part by a grant to the University of Minnesota, Morris from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program. Additional information is available at

Pictured above: Laura Borkenhagen ’16, Truman, and Chloe Hanson ’16, Lake Park, in the lab with Timna Wyckoff, associate professor of biology.