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January's Careers in Biology

Posted by Amanda Flinn on Monday, Jan. 13, 2014

Event Date/Time: Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 7:00 pm
Location: Science 2950

Mottl graduated from Morris with a degree in biology in 1996 and completed a master of science in ecology and evolutionary biology at Iowa State University in 2000. Prior to beginning work as the central region SNA program coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, she served as biological field station manager for the Conard Environmental Research Area and outreach coordinator for the College Center for Prairie Studies at Grinnell College.

The speaker series includes talks from Morris alumni about the diverse jobs in various fields of biology. The aim of the speaker series is to expose students to the real-world application of biology degrees along with an opportunity for students to network with professionals in biology fields. The Careers in Biology Program is supported in part by a grant to the University of Minnesota, Morris from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program.