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I-94 Record

Special Alert: Form I-94 Automation

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has automated the production of Form I-94, the document of arrival and departure from the United States.  With automation most nonimmigrants entering the U.S. no longer are issued a paper Form I-94 when entering the country.  However, nonimmigrants are able to print their own I-94 from a Homeland Security webpage after entering the U. S.

After arrival in the U.S. nonimmigrants are able to print their form I-94 from  This is a change of procedure in getting the I-94, but all rules and uses of the I-94 remain unchanged.  While immigration inspectors no longer give a paper I-94 to nonimmigrants at air and sea ports, they still place an entry stamp in the nonimmigrant’s passport.  Nonimmigrants still must check the stamp to be certain that it shows the correct immigration classification (for example, “F-1” or “H-1B”) and date of expiration (“D/S” for “F” and “J” status).  Persons entering at land border posts and certain other persons will still receive paper I-94 cards.

Nonimmigrants who already have a paper Form I-94 card will continue to follow current I-94 rules, but they should expect to follow the automated I-94 procedures upon their next re-entry into the U.S.