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Captain’s Handbook

Team Captains are responsible for the following information

Thank you for volunteering to be an Intramural Captain. Your job is very important to us. Without your involvement, knowledge of the rules, and ability to guide your teams, the intramural program could not go on.

From a Captain’s standpoint this can often be a thankless job. You spend a lot of time tracking down enough bodies to form a team, trying to make registration, reorganizing rosters, understanding the rules, and making sure everyone gets to play - all of this, often without a word of thanks from anybody. We appreciate and thank you for your efforts. If we can be of any service to you or your team, please do not hesitate to call or stop by the IM office. Good luck to you and your team, and more importantly, HAVE FUN!!

Mission Statement

The mission of Intramurals, Recreation, and Club Sports is to provide programs, services, and facilities that encourage personal development, community interaction, and educational experiences through enjoyable sport and recreational opportunities.


Welcome to the Intramural Sports Program. Intramurals is a fun way to meet new people, become physically active and participate in friendly competition. The Intramural Program offers the University Community (students, faculty, and staff) structured team, dual, and individual recreational sport opportunities within a healthy, safe, and enjoyable environment for both participants and student employees. The Intramural Program is planned, organized, directed, and evaluated by the Intramural Coordinator with the support of the Intramural Staff.

Team Captain Responsibility

The team Captain is the most vital element of a team’s successful participation in the Intramural Sports Program. Research has shown that teams with alert, organized, and efficient Captains most often are competing well into the playoffs. Team Captains are responsible for:

Captains, please have your team ready to play at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start of your game. This is important to keep the games on schedule.

If you are unable to play a game for any reason, please contact IM staff.

A 10-minute grace period, beginning at your scheduled start time will be allowed before issuing a forfeit.

To be elibigible for the playoffs, a person must have participated in at least 2 regular season contests.

Players may play on only one team . Teams caught having players playing on more than one team will be given a forfeit for each game.

Health and Safety

Participation in the Intramural Program is voluntary which means that individuals assume responsibility for their own health and safety. The risk of injury is inherent in many of the recreational sport activities offered by the Intramural Program. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that individuals intending to participate in IM sports should, for their own protection, have a physical examination to determine if they are physically able to participate, be fully aware of all inherent risks involved in that sport, and have medical insurance to cover expenses incurred in the event of injury.

IM Staff members are there as a first response only. They are not to transport anybody, and in case of emergency campus police or 911 should be called immediately.

Note: NO metal cleats are allowed in any intramural sport. If found, you will be immediately required to remove the metal cleats. If found a second time, you will be suspended until you meet with the intramural coordinator.

Eligibility Rules

The purpose of these eligibility rules is to provide fair and equitable participation for University of Minnesota, Morris students (full-time), staff, and faculty. The rules have been established to facilitate enjoyable participation for everyone in the Intramural Program. Although all Intramural Program participants must be familiar with eligibility rule, team captains are ultimately responsible for the eligibility of the players on their team.

Individual Eligibility

Students who pay the student services fees, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in the Intramural Program.

Intercollegiate Award Winners

There will be a limit on the number of current varsity players on intramural rosters for sports that have the equivalent varsity teams. A “varsity player” is anyone who appears/appeared on the varsity roster or website roster at any point in time. Each sport is subject to different rules, and the maximum number of varsity sport players will be noted on specific sport rules. The following Intercollegiate sports shall be considered equivalent sports for Intramural competitions:

It is recommended that Intercollegiate Athletic squad members obtain permission from their coaches before participating in Intramural sports.

Team Roster

Complete names, and signatures of all participants must appear on the team’s official roster. A team Captain or representative must record additions on the roster/sign-in sheet before competing or notify IM Staff. Only players that are on your roster and have played with your team two dates during the regular season are eligible for the playoffs. Therefore, please report any additions or changes to your roster as they occur.

Eligibility Violations

Cases of individual or team violations of Intramural eligibility rules will be reviewed by the Intramural Coordinator. Team Captains will be held responsible for the actions of their players. Some examples of Intramural eligibility violations, which provide cause for loss by default and possible suspension, are listed below:

Any team that violates eligibility requirements will forfeit the last game in which they used the ineligible player. This means that both teams that the ineligible player participated on will default their most recent game. Both teams will also be placed on probation for the remainder of the season, with another eligibility violation resulting in the team being removed from the league. A flagrant violation of this rule (ex. Using more than one ineligible player) may result in suspension of the entire team. In playoffs, any team using an ineligible player will be eliminated!

Defaults and Forfeits

Although there may be legitimate reasons at times for not being able to field a team, to take a default or forfeit a game is very demoralizing to both the team being deprived of a game, and the entire Intramural Program.

If for some reason, your team cannot avoid taking a default or forfeiting a scheduled game, common courtesy requires that both the opposing team and the IM office be notified well in advance of the scheduled playing time. Games lost by default or forfeit will not be rescheduled for any reason.

The Intramural Program defines defaults and forfeits as follows:


Teams will receive a default if they:

  1. Cannot make a scheduled game (a loss will be recorded if proper notification has been given in advance) AND let the IM Coordinator know at least 24 hours in advance.

In the case of a default, the captain will usually be eligible to get their forfeit fee back.


Teams will forfeit if they:

  1. Fail to show up at the appointed playing site, at the scheduled time (a 10 minute leeway will be given for every event or league game) and did not notify their opponents and the IM office 24 hours in advance, or 4:00 p.m. on the Friday before weekend games.
  2. Are guilty of poor sports behavior and conduct, and the game must be discontinued.
  3. Knowingly misrepresent a score.

Teams must turn in a $10.00 forfeit fee payable to UMM with their team roster prior to the league sign up deadline. This must be dropped off in the Student Activities Office when your roster is turned in. If your team does NOT forfeit during the season, you will be refunded your $10.00.


Team captains are responsible for eligibility of their team members and will be held accountable for using ineligible players.

Protests based solely on a decision, which involves accuracy of judgement on the part of the IM Staff, will not be considered.

Protests based on misinterpretation of a playing rule may be reviewed. Arguing about a call does not constitute lodging a protest. The team captain must lodge his/her formal protest with the IM Staff immediately following the questionable interpretation (prior to the next pitch, serve, play, etc.). The IM Staff will then notify the opposing team captain that the game is being played under protest. The game will continue and details will be brought to the IM Coordinator for final ruling.

Protests based on the eligibility of a participant must be lodged with the IM Staff working before the conclusion of the contest. At the time of the protest both captains, the IM Staff, the director, and the individual(s) in question will meet. If the protest is valid , the team with the violation will lose. If the protest is invalid, the result of the game will stand.

Protests by phone will not be accepted for any reason! All captains are advised that before an official protest will be considered, their official team rosters (on file) will be checked for accuracy and compliance.

Remember: Never argue a call with the IM staff; instead, please discuss it in a respectful manner!


Individual Suspension may result when:

Team Suspensions may result when:


In the event that a player/team is ejected from an IM game or activity or exhibits poor sports conduct, the individual/team captain must schedule a conference with the IM Program Coordinator and/or Student Director to determine the length and severity of suspension. Any suspended player remains ineligible until officially reinstated. Only the IM Coordinator has the authority to grant reinstatement.

Postponements and Rescheduling


As a general rule, games will be played rain or shine. Only in the case of unsafe playing conditions will games be postponed and/or cancelled. The IM Staff will determine whether conditions are safe or unsafe. The IM office will not automatically reschedule games postponed due to unsafe playing conditions. Please check your messages carefully and stay in contact with the IM office to find out if and when the game has been rescheduled.


During both the regular season and playoffs, facility schedules and staffing issues make it nearly impossible to reschedule games at participants’ requests. Team captains must check with their teammates about possible conflicts before signing up for a league. Teams that qualify for playoffs must be prepared to play on nights and times other than those played during the regular season.

Checklist for Team Captains

Before the Season

During the Season

After the Season