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Juried Briggs Library Art Award Winner

Posted by Peter Bremer on Friday, Apr. 5, 2013

If you want an early splash of spring color check out Taryn Upmann's painting titled Microcosm. The vivid blue and green of the Science pond practically leap out off the wall, and if you look closely you might just spot a ladybug clinging to a leaf.

Taryn's eye for detail and love of color helped her piece win a 2013 Briggs Library Art Award from the Juried Student Art Exhibit. Even more impressive is the fact that only a small portion of the submitted pieces for the Juried Exhibit were selected for the show. Microcosm was one of them, and Taryn isn't even an Art student.

"I take art classes when I can," the Biology and English major said.

Taryn created the painting for her Beginning Painting I class, using a photograph she had taken earlier as a starting point. "It was a learning process for me," she explained. "I had to decide what elements [from the photo] I wanted people to feel about when they looked at the painting. I had to let go of precision."

The glory of the natural world, a small oasis at UMM, comes through spectacularly in Taryn's work. "I really love the messiness of nature," she said.

All Art Award pieces hang permanently in Briggs Library. Funds to purchase art come from collected overdue fines.