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Juried Library Art Award Winner

Posted by Peter Bremer on Friday, Apr. 5, 2013

You may have seen Dan Stoterau walking around campus with his head down, staring at the ground. He's not shy or impolite. As an artist he's fascinated by mundane everyday objects that the rest of us take for granted. Then he twists them into something bizarre or fantastical.

His piece Crackbot, which won a Briggs Library Art Award, explores this hidden world and showcases a concrete crack on-campus that has metamorphosized into a mechanical figure. It was one of only 25 pieces out of 141 selected by an outside jurist for the Juried Art Exhibit.

"I'm attracted to different shapes we all see in everyday life," Dan said.

Starting with a basic photograph, Dan enlarged the image and then drew over the top of the form. He's never sure what he will find when he starts working on a project. The original twigs lying in the crevices became robotic parts, taking on a 3-dimensional quality.

An art major, Dan hopes to eventually works in the film industry.

"Star Wars was the reason I became an art major," he said. "I want to share that kind of excitement with others."

Briggs Library Art Award pieces hang permanently in Briggs Library. Funds to purchase artwork comes from collected overdue fines.