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Briggs Library Senior Art Award

Posted by Peter Bremer on Tuesday, Apr. 30, 2013

What does a crow, a dove and a veil all have in common? They all can be found in Sydney Hintz's piece "Self-Portrait", which won a Briggs Library Art Award at the 2013 Senior Art Show.

Hintz, a senior Studio Art major from Canby Minnesota, incorporated different symbolic elements into the beautiful watercolor and lace work. The crow, she explained, references straight talk, while the veil depicts opinions that cloud her judgement, giving her "an inability to perceive certain things genuinely." The dove could reflect a sweeter part of herself or perhaps a friend.

The genesis of the painting was a poem "about being honest to a fault" that can be seen written across the bottom of the piece. She talks and she walks faster than clockwork, it begins. She won't hold her breath to hear her own silence. It ends with, She thinks she can't capture without closing her mouth.

Those lucky enough to see it have undoubtedly been captured by its elegant mystery. It will hang permanently in Briggs Library.

The artist, who began drawing for fun at 9 years old, is drawn to self-portraits, partly as a way to work with form. She usually knows when a piece is done when she asks others for feedback.

The artist isn't sure what she wants to do yet after graduation, but would like to be involved "anywhere in the art world."