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New Instruction Coordinator

Posted by Peter Bremer on Monday, Aug. 26, 2013

Briggs Library is pleased to welcome a new Instruction Coordinator, Kellie Meehlhause, to its staff. The Instruction Coordinator provides information literacy and research instruction to classes across campus. In addition, the Instruction Coordinator will assist at the reference desk. Kellie holds a Master of Library Science from Emporia State University, a Master of Arts in English from Kansas State University and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Mass Communication from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Previously she was graduate teaching assistant at Emporia State University Libraries where she provided library instruction and reference assistance.

Kellie brings a great deal of enthusiasm for information literacy to campus and puts a high value on active learning. She is not an instructor who likes to lecture for a long period.

"I always try to find something positive to engage students in a library class session," Meehlhause said. "Some of my best teachers were passionate about their subject."

She is looking forward to getting to know students and faculty here at UMM. Part of that includes finding out where their research interests lie. Although a newcomer to the university and community Kellie spoke highly of the value that UMM places on scholarship, excellence and passion for teaching. She also appreciates the opportunities to be being green such as being able to "walk all over the place".

A major bookworm, Kellie has diverse reading interests. She is also a major film buff and had a movie review blog. She loves pop culture.

To schedule a library class session please contact Kellie Meehlhause at 589-6227 or email her at