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Juried Art Briggs Library Award Winner

Posted by Peter Bremer on Friday, Apr. 4, 2014

Luci Riffel is the 2014 recipient of a Briggs Library Art Award from the Juried Art Exhibition for her linoleum cut print-making piece called Untitled.

A studio art and art history double major from Virginia Minnesota, Luci is fascinated by linear design. That's why she chose hands as her subject. At least in part.

"You look at your hands a lot as an artist. It's a contemplative piece. I liked feet for a while, but I settled on hands."

Eventually, Luci would like to work in a art gallery, doing her own work on the side.

The Briggs Library Art Award is given to one piece annually from the Juried Art Exhibit as well as the Senior Art Show. Purchased pieces hang permanently in Briggs Library.